Silver Lining フィーチャー

Liya Silver

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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Liya Silver directly on your taskbar. It lasts 36 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.


Director's Note

THE BODY gave us the privilege to be an Istripper girl !! Liya Silver is blowing away every one since she arrived in the business !! The Virgin Killer outfit, offering a teasing view on every shapes of her body (100% natural) will melt down your computer (Especially if Li Moon is stripping with her in that same dress...) A superstar is born !

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4月 26
The Good {Hell Yea!}, the Bad {Hmm...}, and the Ugly {Same problem, Different model} for Liya Silver / Silver Lining

The Good

Liya Silver in Silver Lining, even though this is her first card! {Hooray!} Liya looks like she could make a comeback in a Take 2, here's hoping...

Beauty: Liya's figure, hair, lips, ect are incredable, breathtaking even that she would do a good Cosplay clip of Jessica Rabbit

Outfit: This outfit is ALSO Worn by Li Moon {which is worth buying Li's card to own too!}, and on Liya, looks just as lovely as on Li

Striping/movement: very subtle, and very sexy. Liya moves her body in a way which at first tricks you into thinking Liya has nothing to offer. But the next, shows she can be very mischievous and makes you want her more....

XxX rated: Is this X rated with sound? Why...YES IT IS! and very, very, sexy too. ;)


The Bad

F.Y.I. I look at all the scopes, and not just my pleasures or fetishes when reviewing

Some members have a problem with not having enough clothes on or it not being sexy underthings or ect.

While others wish for more clips, and less non-nude ones.

Everyone has their own opinion on whats right, and let's leave it at that...

The Ugly {Here we go...sigh...-_-}

Unfortunately...Here, unlike with Li Moon, has some problems...

Tatoos: 2 tatoos, one highlighting her {Beautiful} Breasts and one on her leg

Nose ring: on Liya's right nosetril {barely visable}

Now for me, these I can ignore easily {and the one on her leg looks like a garter, which i like}, However...for some members THIS is a problem...

Has been since VG/DB changed to IStripper, same problem, different model...

Overall: A nice Show worthy of buying, you can't not want to buy THIS show. 5/5

For those who don't like Tats and noserings: You should still think of buying her card, there is better things to look at than these minor problems.


Total amount of clips: 13

Without Preview: 10

Non-nude: (3) previews

Topless: 1

Nudity: 2

Full Nudity : 3

XxX: 4

Sound: 6 clips > 2 previews & 4 XxX > all Table


Total: 13

Table : 6 > 2 non-nudity & 4 XXX

Standing: 4 > 1 non-nudity, 2 Nudity, 1 Full Nudity

Pole: 3 > 1 Topless & 2 Full Nudity

10 clips : Four 5min +, one 4min+, one 3min+, four 1min+ excluding previews

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4月 27
I like to stay positive and do not review much anymore but I have to in this case because there are not many specific reviews...

Liya is NOT a dancer.

Liya has very little flexibility

Liya likes to lay on the floor and table because of this.

She is very good in xxx, but last clip has blood on toy.

Objectively this was one of the least inspired dance routines on istripper. At least she knew she could not dance and stayed safe, just swaying through entire minutes of action. If you like pretty hardcore xxx, you'll get a good 15 minutes...but I can't imagine anyone keeping the other clips. Not a knock on her, she does what she is good at, and doesn't make a fool of herself but totem probably should have done a full 30 minute xxx card.
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4月 29
She's sexy as fuck.

  • Good quality on that card, unlike so many other recent cards that were either discolored/bad contrast/low resolution
  • Whoever thinks her boobs are fake needs a reality check.Seriously.
  • She may not be a good dancer BUT this is a xxx card so who cares, really. Bad decision on Totem's part to merge soft/hard shows to start with, but their desire to make veryone buy every card is understandable
  • Tattoos are ugly&distracting indeed, but by the end of the show i've had forgotten about them completely.
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