Cure For It All フィーチャー


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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Lesya directly on your taskbar. It lasts 36 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.


Director's Note

Super lingerie matching her lovely blue eyes.

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Okay, the production quality of this new CrystalClear+ quality is superb. Congrats to totem for coming out with this format. The colors pop, especially her beautiful blue eyes, the model is very clear and it is going to make it very hard to go back & watch those shows in 720p.

The performance on the other hand was disappointing.

Lesya is a gorgeous blue-eyed blonde with nice perky tits but this perfomance was a bit lack-lustre with very little intensity.

In this show there were 6 XXX clips, 3 standing & 3 on table (of a total of 14) although the 1st 3, all standing, didn't have any XXX content that I could see.

In the 1st of the table clips she used only her fingers, with a long slow build-up but no real explosion in the end.

In the 2nd she used a vibrator, but there was a lot of side action which left a minimal view of the action for the camera & in the 3rd table clip she took most of the first half to take of her clothes & didn't do much but rub herself all over.
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I'm not getting any sound either. Which is sad, because she's absolutely seductively gorgeous - and I want to hear those purring central European tones!
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Beautiful Lesya with a beautiful smile to match and brighten uo each day !
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