Little Firecracker フィーチャー

Hayli Sanders

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Director's Note

Hayli was quite bashful when she arrived in our studio, she completely changed when the camera turned on !! A shy girl that become hot on stage is my favorite.. Crazy ass with this panty, licking and sucking fingers… And a fast cummer ;)

Reviews & comments

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5月 7
Gorgeous beautiful sexy girl, Hayli has a gorgeous body matched with her great looks and her super sexy poses and moves are such a joy to watch, when this girl gets going she is just awesome. Great body, beautiful face and superb shapely legs that are completmented so well by some great red high heel shoes that I'm glad to see stay on throughout. Fantastic new girl and one of the best, I'm looking forward to seeing much more of Hayli.
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5月 4
Hayli is so sweet and pretty ... yet she effortlessly makes the hyperspeed jump into hot and sexy in this and all her shows. She features lovely red bra and panties (especially the panties!) in this performance. And her XXX orgasms are quite stimulating!
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5月 7
Hot baby! not only can you move but goddamn! i was jealous of that toy.
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