Undivided Attention フィーチャー

Ava Black

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Director's Note

Pretty horny xxx shows with anal and dual toys inside. Ava likes to experiment harder even if she is quite young !

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Ava has a fantastic body and uses the black dildo in her ass (clip #9, mislabeled) and the white one in her lucious pussy (clip #11). She fingers both her ass and pussy in clip #10, but doesnt use any toys. Although the "Director's note" is severely misleading (there is NO DOUBLE DILDO action); it is still agreat card from a super-sexy woamn!!
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5月 14
This was a pretty good show from the busty, brown-eyed Ava.

In this show of the 11 clips 3 of them were XXX for about 17 minutes.

In the first clip after some initial warming up she brought out the black dildo and used it in her ass.

In the 2nd clip she used only her finger in her ass and managed what I percieved as an anal orgasm. I liked that.

In the 3rd clip she brought out another dildo, this one bigger & flesh colored and used it in her pussy for another happy ending.
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5月 14
This do not have anal i brought it for the anal.

Please do not falsely advertise we pay for these shows and expect it to have true advertisement of what the showe is supposed to be please do not rip us off.

I do not want this show if it does not have anal please remove this show and credit my account back for this show thank you
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