Indulge Me フィーチャー

Stacy Cruz

 4.65 (130 votes)

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Joined in 4月 2017

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4月 6
April 5 dowload on the April Pack. I'd been meaning to get one of her cards. This one is well done, nice boobie shake in the middle there. She has a healthy looking body and engaging smile. Half a star off because the shoes and stockings do not come off but they do in a couple of her other cards which are going onto my wish list.
Joined in 9月 2017

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4月 11
Stacy is gorgeous. She has a beautiful smile and a perfect body! I would be happy to indulge her all day!
Joined in 7月 2008

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4月 13
Such an awesome, tall athletic but sexy body. If she's willing to do another costume show she'd make a great Supergirl. Yes I know she's not blonde but let's not be prejudiced.
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