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Oxana Chic

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Director's Note

This casual look is really sexy on her. The simple jean + topless is always a really good match !

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5月 7
This show counts 11 clips divided in Standing 5, Behind TB 1 and On TB 5. Two TB clips are xxx (1 with vibrator); together ± 16 minutes.

Bare feet in Standing and TB clips, but not all the time. Starting Real Full Nude (wearing nothing) one Standing clip and one TB clip.

Oxana looks beautiful in every way. Her eyes are very piercing! Her body is slim and well proportioned.

”This casual look is really sexy on her. The simple jean + topless is always a really good match!”

That’s the main reason why I have bought this card. One of my mantra’s is: casual clothing is the best. It shows how the model is in real life. Nice panties!!!

Oxana does a slow seductive dance in the Standing clips. Maximum variation with the outfit: one clip starting with top, panties and heels;

a long clip starts with the whole outfit, which is totally stripped; than one starts RFN and the last one with just panties and heels.

After the tricky adventure with the snakes (card e1147) Oxana needed some relaxation to let the tension flow away.

In TB clip #8 (6:59) she undresses her self slowly and starts playing with her 5 star lips. In #10 (7:18) she continues with extensive

playing with lips, fingerinsertion and climax. In #12 (8:56) she takes a vibrator and puts it in for a very long time with another climax at the end.

The rating: Standing 4,6 (maximum variation with outfit), Taskbar 5 (5 star lips), Beauty 5 (piercing eyes + slim body)

and Outfit 5 (casual). Total 19,6/4 = 4,9---> 5 stars. Great show of Oxana!!!
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5月 7
Fantastic card.

Based on the Directors comment about topless + jeans I was looking forward to a standing topless clip with those jeans but sadly there is no such clip (there isnt even a photo like that). There is a clip with her on the table topless in the jeans just long enough for her to remove the jeans ... but its really not the same thing.

Anyway ... great card. 5 stars
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5月 7
Wow! Oxana is so super sexy!

I wouldn't normaly be so crude, but she has the most inviting pussy I've ever seen!

You just want to dive right in and eat!

Her XXX scenes arevery exciting!
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