Almost Bashful フィーチャー

Kay J

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3月 29
Best comment - Kay J by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

Stocking lovers, here is a gift for you. Fishnet stockings with fishnet top, sensual moves and strong orgasms…
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Sure, babes, sure!

You're "almost bashful"!

Ya... right...

-- just like I'm "almost" capable of resisting your calculated, seductive plans when you parade, strut, and slink around in that amazingly hot, tight fitting fishnet outfit (it outlines your lovely breasts so well) with those matching fishnet stockings on your long, smooth legs!

-- or just like I've "almost" lasted a few hours (ok, a few minutes...) without getting completetly, totally rigid, just thinking about you -- and what you're capable of!

-- or just like I "almost" managed to escape being fooled (and turned INTO a complete fool...) by your "innocent", blushing smile -- or being totally dominated by your shameless, provocative stare!

-- or just like I "almost" can control my maddening, constant fantisizing over your delicious, confident moves and outragiously lewd poses!

-- or just like I was "almost" able to stop you, from once again (once again, gorgeous... yep -- once... again...) turning me into a squirming and struggling, trapped and tormented, perpetual pumping machine!

-- "almost", you beautiful, teasing, goddess... "almost"...
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Absolutely awesome fantastic legs this gorgeous tall girl has, amongst the very best I've seen on here, and with a great ass to match as well, Kay is just an absolute joy to watch.
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