Victorian Secret フィーチャー

Kay J

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3月 11
Best comment - Kay J by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

We were waiting for the good one to shoot our Steampunk outfit, here she is !! Perfect fit with her style, her face, her hairs… She loved it and was giving everything to offer you a very solid show.
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Kay J's Victorian Secret card consists of 14 clips: 3 previews, 6 standing, 2 pole, 3 table (2 table clips are XXX with a total time 7:14 minutes). Kay J is a perfect choice for the elegant steampunk outfit and she's particularly striking when wearing only the shoes and hat, which stay on in all clips. The red lipstick and dark eyeliner look much better with this outfit than they do in the "Almost Bashful" card. The overall effect makes Kay J look quite sultry instead of "elfish" as she often does in her other cards.

Victorian Secret is not for those who are in a hurry to see the girl get naked and nasty. This card shows takes its time to show off the elements of this outfit as Kay J strips off the corset with the attached sheer sash, the ruffled shirt, the shorts and finally the panties. Once she does, there's plenty of finger play in the two XXX table cards and Kay J seems to be enjoying herself. Meeting a slutty steampunk cosplayer like Kay J at a comic convention is unlikely, but this card might make you attend one . . . just in case.
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3月 1
I adore Kay J and this is a fantastic set for her! I'd love to see more (enter prefix)-punk sets. I've had a love for both steampunk and cyberpunk aesthetics since I was a kid.
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