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Olivia Sin

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2月 1
Best comment - Olivia Sin by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Very sexy casual underboobs, low waist jeans short, and panties strings out, a tribute to old fashion Britney Spears shows. Each time she raised her arms, her tits got revealed... Oh... such a shame...
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2月 1
This show counts 14 clips divided in Standing 6, Behind TB 3 and On TB 5. Two Standing and two TB clips are xxx (1 with vibrator); together ± 15,5 minutes.

No Bare feet in Standing clips, only in TB clips. Starting Nude (no panties) two Standing and RFN two TB clips.

Olivia looks perfect with her friendly face and her well formed body with the right proportions.

In her make-up I liked in particular her coiffure, the eye-shade and the lipstick colour.

Together with her New Year’s card this was for me her best outfit because of: 1 the yellow top; 2 the panties coming above her shorts

reminding me of girls in my classes in 2005/06, who had the same; 3 the very elegant high heels and 4 the jean shorts.

Although 25 years old Olvia plays at certain moments in this show the girly type: her naive and innocent presentation is one of her charms.

She does it in a convincing and very likeable way. Her dancing is both smooth and sexy.

A highlight is when she stretches her arms and the yellow top shoves up, revealing her perfect breasts.

The Behind TB clips were superb! In the On TB clips we hear her soft voice and she reaches two times a climax:

one with finger insertion and the other with the aid of the vibrator.

The rating: Standing 4,8 (some nice dancing + yellow top), Taskbar 5 (playing, fingering, vibrator),

Beauty 5 and Outfit 5 (casual and sexy). Total 19,8/4 = 4,95-> 5 stars Great show!!
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2月 16
Exciting. Lovely. Mysterious. Also thanks for all the reviews done out there, I've got some good ones like this, and I've avoided some bad ones (even recent ones) because of all the postings.
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