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Lovenia Lux

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1月 28
Best comment - Lovenia Lux by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

This girl is a hell of a performer. Self hard spanking, dirty talks, one full 6min anal clip, lots of XXX actions, at the end of the show we had to wait her ass to turn back to a normal flesh color before shooting the next show (unless you consider dark red to be a regular flesh color) !! All her XXX cards are must have for intense show lovers.
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1月 28
This show counts 10 clips divided in Standing 4 and On TB 6. One Standing clip is xxx and three TB clips are xxx (2 with vibrator);

together ± 22,5 minutes. No Bare feet. Starting Nude (no panties) two Standing and three TB clips.

With her different (straight) hairstyle Lovenia looked at her best until now: even better than in the three non-xxx shows. Beauty 5 stars.

This outfit was super: both original and classy in its way. Lovenia looked great in it and it was perfect for this show. Outfit 5 stars!

Some selfpunishment with the horsewhip was very exciting. The emphasis in this show is on the TB clips.

There were two clips with anal and ATM. Lasting about 14 minutes it was nearly 40% of the effective time of this show.

Because of this reason I have to rate this show at 0,6 * 5 stars = 3 stars. Without anal and ATM it would have been a 5 stars show.
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1月 28
Everything about this card said I would never buy it. I haven't been a fan of Lovenia's looks and I don't like the BDSM kink style. The thing is, whether I like the card or not, I seem to always look at the preview. That's what did it for me with this card. Lovenia looked better in this card than her others. I liked her attitude. I liked the XXX show (especially the anal play). Overall, she was just VERY hot in this card.
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