Afternoon Swim フィーチャー

Lil Vos

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7月 11, 2018
Best comment - LIL VOS by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

Oil attack ! Her curvy shapes are going to another level with all that oil in every clips! She couldn't stop laughing between the takes, as the stage was sliding a looot. Hard to produce but worth it!
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10月 7, 2018
A great scene from a girl I love with lots of self touching and dildo play in the second half.
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7月 11, 2018
Wow, wow they say save the best for last. This is by far her best card to date. It is smoking hot. Oil all over any female body is hot on it's own but Lil Vos works it well. Now add the way she plays with her self and makes her clit stand out is just over the top. If you don't have any of her cards this is the one to get. Five stars.
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