Nuclear Meltdown フィーチャー

Lil Vos

 4.59 (189 votes)

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Joined in 4月 2015

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6月 18, 2018
A perfect card. Vos, zipper dress, plenty of teasing and then a hot finish. The pacing in this card from start to finish is great.
Joined in 6月 2012

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6月 19, 2018
I love this girl's "bend-over" stuff. A truely marvelous ass.
Joined in 1月 2009

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11月 21, 2018
Lil Vos has my favorite body type, pear shaped. The clips where she is clothed are her best clips.

There are only 3 XXX clips and they are exceptionally tame and the orgasms seem fake. Huge disappointment from such an amazingly sexy woman.

If your desire is to see this woman in motion get the non-XXX shows.

If you absolutely have to see her performing sexual acts and don't mind waiting and the acts lasting a short time get this card. I don't have any other of her card and I only plan to get non-XXX from her in the future.
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