The Spice Of Life フィーチャー

Silvia Dellai

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7月 23, 2018
This show counts 16 clips divided in Standing 5, Swing 3, Behind TB 4 and On TB 4.

XXX 2 clips On TB with sound, together ± 9½ minutes. Masturbation with fingers, but dildo also in the photoshoot.

Starting RFN three clips: one standing, one swing and one Behind TB. RFN = wearing nothing.

I deeply respect Silvia, who did everything against my principles: implants and a whole bunch of tattoo’s.

Asshaking Silvia is definitely not the all-natural sweet girl, the ideal daughter-in-law.

She is the archetype of the Wild Woman or the Amazon Warrior; that’s what a friend saw in her.

On her breasts the scars of the bites of life, but her nipples point proudly straight up.

In the standing clips Silvia dances in an original, dynamic and very personal style.

Her way of moving is not soft or smooth like life is not smooth.

Silvia, you are The Spice Of Life: with this show you got me rocking!
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9月 6, 2018
If you want a girl that doesn't give a fuck and is just trashy, she is your girl!
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10月 3, 2018
Silvia is very spicy and naughty. I love her tats, and he body is killin' me. I'd love to see her doing a nude photo set on a Harley.
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