Do Ya Dare? フィーチャー

Nika N

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1月 12, 2018
This show has 17 clips: Standing 5, Pole 5, Swing 3 and On Table 4.

There are 3 XXX-clips all table together 14 minutes. No dildo’s/vibrators, just noble handwork.

Model okay, outfit okay, show okay.
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4月 29, 2018
Nika has a beautiful body which this costume displays well. However, the costume also limits the amount of stripping and teasing that can be done and Nika rarely tries to tease when removing it - though oddly she does this rather better at the satrt of each of the XXX rated clips.

Nika moves well and appears to be confident wearing high heels, but although there is no awkwardness when she moves her feet the heels still seem to affect her dancing so that she tends to stay in one spot rather than move about the stage.

The XXX clips are rather tame, which suits me fine but may also disappoint others. A minor oddity is that each of the XXX clips begin with an identical pose and at first you may think that a clip is being repeated when it is not.
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4月 15, 2018
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