Smooth Caress フィーチャー

Zazie Skymm

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11月 27, 2017
Zazie has the face of a diva, a perfect figure everything in the right proportions not to mind her very cute pussy.

I like her energetic dance steps on the high heels despite the stiletto’s equilibrium blues.

In clip 8 Zazie steps on the table, squats and treats her pussy.

Total 16 clips: standing 7, swing 2, behind TB 3, on TB 4.

XXX are two tableclips, one with a long dildo (also with squating on the dildo!),

together about 10 minutes, that’s ¼ of the total time of this show.

Except for the two xxx-clips this is more like a normal iStrippershow.
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11月 28, 2017
Ms Zazie Skymm . . . I would chase you all over the world for a hug, a kiss, and a smooth caress from you!
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5月 1, 2018
sexy as hell' I reckon she is a lot like Debra Harry, so if youever wondered what Blondie would look like naked, here tis ;-)
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