Born In Fire フィーチャー

Zazie Skymm

 4.61 (217 votes)

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11月 15, 2017
I probably rate girls the lower than most customers.

1. Model Beautiful

2. Huge Labia

3. Very athletic

4. Loves sex

5. Exhibitionist

A top 10 girl...girl of the year for 2017
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11月 13, 2017
After a slow start, this was a very good show. There is no doubt that Zasie is gorgeous.

Of the 13 clips 5 of them were XXX, 1 standing and 4 table. She made the most of the opportunity giving us a sample of many things: DP (fingers only), ATM, and Anal with a vibrator.She had 3 very convincing orgasms, one with a finger in each hole, one with her fingers only and one with a vibrator up her ass and a finger up her pussy.
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2月 16, 2018
The striptease parts of this card are excellent and had the whole card been similar I would unhesitatingly awarded a 5 star rating. However there is, for me, far too much XXX content and too many clips which start naked. Furthermore the XXX clips are such that for much of the time Zazie's superb body is not properly visible.
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