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Sade Mare

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3月 3, 2018
This show of 16 clips is divided in Standing 6, Swing 3, Behind TB 2 and On TB 5 clips (all 5 with sound).

XXX-labelled 5 clips (± 21 minutes), 2 Standing and 3 On TB; one clip On TB with dildo.

Starting nude clip 10, 11. Real Full Nude (wearing nothing): 6, 15.

Sade Mare is a refined gift of the sea (Mare is Italian and Roman for sea).

So she is like the goddess Venus, who was born out of sea foam.

This white dress, just as the lace panties and the white high heels are a perfect outfit.

Her dancing in the standing clips is slow and seductive, and she is not forgetting her lips.

Very special are the three swing clips, all with bare feet, and in one she’s completely naked and playing with her lips.

In the TB clips subtle fingerplay and serene dildowork.
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9月 12, 2017
Sexy babe, real nice to fab on
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1月 30, 2018
At first I thought that this was going to be a great card, as others by her have been. However, I was somewhat disappointed because it turned out to be predominantly a nude dancing show rather than a striptease. This was a, to my mind, a pity as so much more could have been done with that dress.
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