Sassy Girl フィーチャー

Kira Thorn

 4.62 (200 votes)

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10月 10, 2017
wish she was mine
Joined in 9月 2011

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8月 14, 2018
If you like anal cards and you are tired of girls who only slip the slenderest finger up there and call it "anal," then this card is for you!

She actually takes the dildo up her ass! She rides it cowgirl and reverse cowgirl for you, inserting more than the first inch! She even show you a nice gape at the end!

5 times 5 stars from me! Thank you, Kira!
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6月 22, 2017
There are some up-sides... but 90% of this 'XXX' show is wasted on dancing that fits this type as a fist fits the nose. :( If you want to replace pure masturbation with something else - try stuff like teasing, or 'cool down' after 'getting there' with some trash talk, even if it's not English. But keep the sound ON! Else girl is not really in 'sound is recorded' mode, clear as sky in this one that this may be causing issues when the sound is back on. ;( Please invite Kira back when you fix XXX format - she is 'that type of girl'! :)
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