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Anie Darling

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6月 16, 2017
If you like women, and you like XXX, then get this one. Don't hesitate. One thing I like is that she toys with the dilldo longer than most would. Also I like Anie because she isn't exclusively a clit girl. She like vagina action too. Oh and most important, she has the girl next door look.
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2月 22, 2017
I'm not a huge fan of XXX cards, as I am more into stripping, but I tend to buy XXX cards that have outfits that interest me, and/or girls that I really like. This one is a bit of a combination, I bought it because I liked her secretary outfit, and what she was wearing in the cover photo seemed interesting.

It is a very good XXX card, and I can only wish she'd done a striptease with this outfit instead, because she did an amazing job with it, even with the rather strict limitations of XXX cards where striptease isn't really the point.
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2月 23, 2017
standing ovation for Anie & all involved in creating this card.

Anie's soft purposeful demeanor and her gradual unstringing

of this dress..her timing.. is totally seductive.

Gorgeous face, sensual expression and immersive engagement with the camera

Fellatio & well posed edging into orgasm in some several nice long xxx clips

Anie has given us almost the perfect XXX card.

Is she is godess material ? Absolutely. 5+^20
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