Sexual Tendencies フィーチャー

Antonia Sainz

 4.52 (225 votes)

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5月 8, 2017
"Tendencies", Babe? With that outfit on that bod with those teasing glances? -- when you wave that incredibly gorgeous ass of your in my face, wrapped up so nice in those tight red panties? Those mouth watering tits and lovely legs? You have a "tendency" to mesmerize my mind, consume my fantasies, and drive my dick crazy!
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2月 3, 2017
Exquisite card by Antonia. Not only is she the immersively

graceful dancer, Antonia takes storytelling to the max

with this lustful perfectly timed progressive striptease

and sustained dildo edging to cum.

Sensitive footjob & fellatio. Her lips & tongue move like a butterfly.

Statuesque, radiant, sexy-charming Godess of dreams 5+^20
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2月 3, 2017
She is very sexy, and even with this being an XXX card, she does a good amount of teasing, even one"pantyless" shot, in a manner of speaking. She handles that toy very sensually and oughta be able to get rise out of anyone.
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