Little Cherry フィーチャー

Alessandra Jane

 4.35 (158 votes)

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Joined in 5月 2018

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9月 30, 2018
A great XXX card! Gorgeous girl that loves getting naughty with herself. Fantastic tan and a lot of feet play as well if you're into that kind of thing.
Joined in 8月 2008

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6月 1, 2017
Great show. This pretty girl knows how to perform. The sound quality isn't great however.

She recently did a show with bigger breasts so I'd say get her back for round 2. She looks feisty so I'd like to see her play around with dominant/submissive stuff and dito outfits..
Joined in 3月 2010

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11月 17, 2016
alessandra is realy nice and cute performer and she really does well to make you feel hard. fantastic show deserver to be her best . 5+ rating from me for her act moves and every thing she does on the show. gr8 alessandra keep it up. thanks totem.
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