Spring Bloom フィーチャー

Lana Rey

 4.61 (216 votes)

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Joined in 3月 2012

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3月 5, 2018
Hot Girl, Love the outfit
Joined in 5月 2015

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9月 22, 2018
Bring her BBACKK and give us more of hers.
Joined in 2月 2016

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4月 18, 2017
Now, that's how you do a XXX card. All girls should watch this show (and learn) before they make their own XXX cards.

Beautiful, flawless girl, excellent show.

20/10 as there is absolutely nothing critical that I can say about this card... Except, perhaps, the complete lack of shoes... But, though I am not a fan of naked feet, her feet are very well-groomed and, somehow, they don't bother me one bit :o)

I would, however, prefer some balance in this card and other cards where there is a mix of shoes and no shoes.
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