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Vinna Reed

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7月 9, 2018
Good !!
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1月 3, 2017
Oh man... wow! What Kiara Lord is to Hungary, Vinna Reed is to Czech Republic. There are so many similarities between these two blonde babes, its uncanny. Even the way they sexually stimulate their pussies with their fingers, and the way they use identical dildos is astounding. Even the way they orgasm is similar.

This is a very very very nice card to have. As a pussy connoisseur, I must compliment Vinna for having such a beautiful pussy. Unlike Kiara Lord, Vinna's pussy has inner labia which are a delight to see. Vinna must also be complimented on her excellent use of her dildo... explicite and delightful to watch.

This performance by Vinna is simply bloody marvellous. She's a stunner, and she does such an excellent performance, one just cannot help but watch her again and again and again. YES!!!!
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10月 17, 2018
seeing you play with yourself with the dildo make me so horny i wanna eat anfuck your pussy so badi can taste your pussy on my lips an you taste sweeter then hony
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