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Alexis Adams

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6月 11, 2015
Solid show from Alexis Adams, doing a first good impression as she did on VirtuaGirl. I really like her body and her face. Some may say she's not 100% natural but who cares? She's definitely charming and sexy. Fond of that ass ! Great job Alexis !
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2月 17, 2018
voice / language - Alexis has a lovely American accent which I adore. throughout the show she gives the usual dirty talk to keep one interested

body - These breasts are perfect for me, bouncy with lovely large nipples. A nice chunky pussy and a neat landing strip

clothes - Cute enough, but they dont stay on for long, nice white panties, no bra

sexiness - Alexis doesn't take a lot of time building up a tease, she goes right in to the explicit

explicitness - plenty of rubbing and fingering, she manages to get 3 fingers in and nearly a 4th briefly

dildo - lovely large realistic suction dildo, a little bit of sucking

extras - Oil, I love Oil, Alexis looks sooo hot smothered in oil, more babes should used oil!
Joined in 8月 2018

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Alexis, I love you so much. Your wonderful exciting sexy body is so extremely hot. None of those crazy tattoos and piercings! I love the sound of your voice, your long blond hair, your natural boobs (how you play with your boobs) and your perfect legs with your delicious feet. It's so hot and magnificent how you oil your phenomenal body. Great Alexis! Great show! Great card!

For all footlovers: This is our card. Alexis shows her delicious feet in all 12 clips. The whole show is barefoot!
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