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Sharon Lee

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Joined in 3月 2015

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3月 19, 2015
I am completely entranced when she fondles her boobs. The red bra is extremly erotic and I cant wait for her to remove it. The red sets off her natural skin tone perfectly. I simply adore her. I would like to see some more cards and would certainly like to buy them. She is very sensual and the voice adds to my enjoyment. She seems to enjoy her actions.
Joined in 8月 2015

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8月 16, 2016
Awesome. Perfect pussy. Beautiful Smile. Lovely lady.
Joined in 7月 2014

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3月 19, 2015
Thank you Totem for bringing Sharon Lee to DB... Loved her first VG Card... So Glad To see her on DB.. Very Hot Girl... She is a Natural Beauty... And seems to be a natural in her perfomances here too... Please Totem, would Love to see much more of her... And Yes, a Duo with Another Natural Beauty like The Beautiful Viola woud be Awesome!

XOXO Sharon Lee
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