Deluxe Edition フィーチャー

Andreina Deluxe

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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Andreina Deluxe directly on your taskbar. It lasts 25 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.


Director's Note

Andreina gives us a super sensual booty shake with her shaped ass. She loves to move her butt in every sexy ways

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Joined in 5月 2011

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I literally checked the Featured section every single day to see if she was available after i saw her in the backstage area of the forum. I am ecstatic to have this columbian beauty dancing on my desktop. The show did not disappoint and i will buy every show of Andreina Deluxe totem puts out. Although i am obviously rating this 5 stars, i am concerned about the sound. Wheres the sound? I noticed there was an update. Hopefully this was addressed.
Joined in 1月 2015

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Absolutely Superb girl,agree with first comment. Love Totem's effort for shooting these girls from outside europe!

But sadly the QA department was on leave for this card, and the show editor was was busy with his salami cheese cake, because the show's progression is terribly unorganised. The 4th clip is 3 seconds long! and she's walking across the screen fully naked getting into position??

The topless/nudity clips #6 etc play after the full nudity clips #7 which definitely breaks the progression card apart.


Great girl : 5/5

Editor : -3/5

Net : 2/5.

I'm not a meanie. ill give it 3/5. !
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