No Apologies フィーチャー

Leyla Fiore

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Director's Note

What a premiere for this beauty !! Leyla Fiore was a pure pleasure to shoot, smiling a lot and full of energy ! Super hot black neckless lingerie with stockings. What a seductive girl ! Homerun !

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Joined in 4月 2008

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Leyla has a cute smile, nice eyes, beautiful hair, great ass and the best tits, but beween the giant pussy lips and the mole in her nether region, it's a real distraction from what should be a great card. Sorry but just can't give a 5 for this one.
Joined in 6月 2009

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Joined in 12月 2009

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The reason this card may not be working is it's set up to be used in the new update only.

Now that that's taken care of.

Great show here ... even with wear & tear.

I say this, and I could be wrong, but I believe she has been here under the name of - Mirka. Check it out for yourself. That was way back when VGHD was awesome. All high heels most of the time even in bikini's. As well as more than babydolls and the combo of blue jean shorts & white tops.
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