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Valeria Borghese

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Joined in 9月 2007

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Great card. Thank you.
Joined in 11月 2011

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I truly enjoy these "older" women that Totem have been trotting out lately! Valeria is a lusty mature lady. Very erotic! She reminds me of a coworker of mine from about a quarter century ago who seduced me in my early twenties. She was about the same age that Valeria is now, maybe a tad younger. Raw carnality at its finest! Started watching her clips while listening to a bit of Lydia Lunch - her old band, Teenage Jesus and The Jerks. Followed with some Nick Cage then some weird gypsy shit. Whiskey's a helluva drug! Wouldn't mind a toke or two but, alas, I'm clear for now. Perhaps some shrooms would make this perfect!

But I digress... Buy this card! It's not the best but Valeria loves the hell out of the camera and wants you to spray her with your seed! I am now going to find her official site so I can watch her take the D the way she so obviously wants to. I haven't been able to find her doing so anywhere else that doesn't involve anal. I'm not an anal fan, unfortunately...
Joined in 4月 2013

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Super hot moves arround the pole and the lingerie suits her very well. Great. More, please.
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