Easy A's フィーチャー

Leona Mia

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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Leona Mia directly on your taskbar. It lasts 48 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.


Director's Note

Leona is playing a dirty schoolgirl and is giving here a stunning pole performance. She is wearing the « Class dismissed » outfit from Avery, put both on them on your desktop and be the teacher

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4月 16
This show counts 18 clips divided in Standing 4, Pole 7, Behind TB 1 and On TB 6. No touching/rubbing.

No Bare feet. Starting Nude (at least no panties) one Standing, two Pole and two TB clips.

As a real nymph and with ponytail Leona is the ideal type to play the role of schoolgirl. She does it with much conviction.

The student outfit is not my favorite one, but I liked the miniskirt and the normal panties. Many upskirts.

There were not enough Standing clips. Four is too little for the most important cliptype of an e-card. Leona moves well; we get some upskirts with

and without panties. Like most other models Leona is not used to the platform heels: as a result the show is on the square meter and there is no real dancing.

Without being a real poledancer and special skills the pole clips were Leona’s best. One can see she is one of the models,

who have practised ballet in their youth. Sexy postures, laughing, upskirts, elegance, teasing, grace: it’s all there!

In the Taskbar clips Leona crawls across the floor, squats in several clips, shows many facial expressions playing the innocent girl.

The rating: Standing 4,5 (- ½ not enough Standing clips), Pole 5 (best clips in this show); Taskbar 4,75 (playing innocent girl);

Beauty 5 (refined) and Outfit 4,75 (- ¼ for short stockings and unelegant platform heels). Total 24/5 = 4,8---> 5 stars


As Song of the Show “School Days” from Chuck Berry: “Up in the mornin' and out to school - The teacher is teachin' the Golden Rule

American history and practical math - You studyin' hard and hopin' to pass”. ---> With “Easy A’s” Leona Mia passed the exame

for iStripper Schoolgirl, like before Adel Morel with her “School Project” and Hillary C with “All A’s”. In other words: Leona is now in the top class!!!
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4月 22
Ten out of Five - TAKE MY MONEY!

[++] Killer smile

[+] Cute

[+] Slim

[+] Schoolgirl Cosplay

[+] White panties

[+] Cute pussy

[-] No pigtails / plaits to round off cosplay.

She plays the cosplay role perfectly.

She uses the micro-skirt to tease with plenty of upskirt shots. The panties are pure white which means they flash well. She take the time to tease with the panties. She's not shy and has a stunning smile.

All minus scores forgiven because of her killer smile and white panties, but here's my take on a few points.

(1.) There's standard techniques to modeling which don't necessarily apply to iStripper. Side shots should be kept to a minimum as you can't see anything.

Also when the model is turning around on her hands and knees, she can face away from the camera. ;) That way we get a look at her hot ass.

(2.) She has a killer smile, it's a pity she wasn't smiling more. I know it's unnatural irl to smile all the time, but it's a 30min photoshoot and it's a killer asset of hers. She could work with her friend/bf and practice shoots where she smiles (her friend can tell her if it slips) and maybe one or two other cute modeling expressions. ;)

Some other commenters said they wished for more upskirt shots.

(3.) TOP TIP: If she squats facing camera and rotates the leg joints at the hip and pushes her pelvis out slightly she'll end up giving a great shot for camera. Esp. when she has an innocent look and wears bright panties like she has in [Easy A's]. It only takes a few minutes to get used to the position but it'd make for a lot of happy fellas.

I've had gf's do that for private shoots and it will satisfy the upskirt fetish crowd. Trust me. It will look similar to the famous Japanese 'A' position. :)

I guess it's so hot because visually it looks like you can grab her legs and mount her while she squeals and giggles in delight.. and she could be the girl next door.

Good job, love this card!
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Absolutely stunning; One of the best there is! Leona loves to show off her body, and she is enjoying what she does. If you get chance to hear her cheeky laugh as she is posing you will understand why.

When I see her smile, and see her natural beauty and charm that comes across, it makes my day and I smile for the rest of the day! She is literally the new girl on the black. And she is too soft porn, what Audrey Hepburn was to the movies in the 50s 60s, the camera loves her, and she loves the camera. And she is NOT faking it! The best I have seen so far is her massage on Herger Art, she was totally enjoying it, she is so fit and well-toned, you could see each of her stomach and groin muscles contracting as she orgasmed. (groin the area between the abdomen and upper thighs on each side of her body). So far that is closest she has gone to hard core. And I am hopping there is much more to come, as I am sure there is thousands more of us hopping for the same! If she does go hard core with her natural charm and attitude, she will take the porn industry by storm, and to another level!

She looks as if she also a dancer and gymnast, can we see more of that?

On the down side she is a glamour model, and could be supper model, she can be just as good, with her elegant posture and build, on the cat walk, as doing soft porn, and she could be in demand for that! So; she may have no need to go further! With most of these Eastern Russian models, it is soft porn and modelling only! They seem to be chaperoned by some-one close to them, (And that is good) ensuring their best interest and protecting them, (with her it could be her partner, and that may be why she is so good, she is pleasing that person in the back ground. But I could be wrong!)

iStripper Please let’s see more of her, and if possible, bring her to xxx level, she can do that, as she has shown us! I would like to see her doing the window cleaning set?

If some-one is reading, or translating this for her! Thank you, Leona; for letting us see your beauty, and for sharing that with us, and world, by letting us see and view the perfect intermate parts of your body. And giving us such pleasure.

Leona; Do as your heart tells’ you! You are an artist, you have a gift to please others, showing us the force of love and passion, with your beauty, and you bring happiness to others, please carry on pleasing us.

PS. When you see and hear all the negative, remarks about porn, it is crazy, there is more valance, horrors, and abuse, on the legally accepted media, then on your programs! When we see you promoting love, harmony good health, fitness, and beauty. I would rather see that!
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