Sweet Valentine フィーチャー

Oxana Chic

 4.25 (132 votes)

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Joined in 10月 2016

36 comment(s)
2月 15
I discovered an odd revelation... I can see her labia wiggle as she moves... I like it!
Joined in 4月 2017

238 comment(s)
2月 14
Nice Valentine Surprise to come hom to after work today. NIce body and she has good basic moves. She will soon find the right combos of hair and makeup. The hair definitely needs some length and body.

Today I would call her a diamond in the rough. A few years from now we will all say we first met her on Valentines 2019 when she was only 19. Look at her now!

3.5 today but I have almost no doubt each one from here will get better.
Joined in 7月 2016

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2月 15
Cute and sexy.

Also, open leg nudiy for prolonged time, without hectic movements to make you feel dizzy - instant 5* for that only - why we almost NEVER see this nowadays (esp. in softcore shows)????
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