Obsessive Behavior フィーチャー

Mina K

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3月 8
Best comment - Mina K by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

She has very nice legs in this outfit !
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3月 8
This show counts 18 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 6 and On TB 6. Touching/rubbing in several TB clips.

Bare feet only in TB, not in Standing and Pole clips. Starting Nude (at least no panties) two Standing, two Pole and one TB clip.

Knowing Mina from other sites I see that the hairstyle here makes her look even more fascinating and beautiful. The lipstick colour was perfect.

Mina is described as skinny, but that’s only true for above the waste. Her thighs are very strong developped like those of cyclists or skaters.

For lingerielovers it are great times the last months: many new types of lingerie. Also this one was special and even I liked the straps!

In Standing and Pole clips Mina is moving in a continuous flow. It’s like a trance, if you follow her intensively.

She keeps swaying her ass all the time. “Move that ass” has not to be said!!! Although she stays more or less “sur place”, her show never becomes slow.

At the Pole she does some some perfect turnings. You can see she has practised those at home.

In the TB clips a great removal of stockings in clip #4. Mina is cheerful, laughs a lot and is very lively.

She has good contact with the camera(man) - see her laughing! -, takes variation in postures, gives good views at her lips and plays with them (Obsessive Behaviour?).

In the photoshoot some butterflies are shown--->yes, spring is coming! Best photo for me was 46.

The rating: Standing 4,75 (shaking of ass), 4,75 Pole (perfect turnings), Taskbar 5 (playing with lips),

Beauty 5 (face and body perfect) and Outfit 5 (special lingerie). Total 24,5/5 = 4,9---> 5 stars! Top show!!!
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3月 29
They did it again mislabled the clips. The topless clips are not topless unless you call a 2 second flash and covered up for the remainder of the clips. The full nude are not completely full nude she does the same thing a 2 second flash of her tits and then covers up for the remainder.There are three 4 minute clips that are partly nude but not until they are almost through. There are completely nude clips from start to finish. It's not her fault she's beautiful.
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