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Kay J

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2月 28
This show counts 21 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 6, Behind TB 3 and On TB 6. No touching/rubbing.

Bare feet in Standing, Pole and TB clips.

Starting Nude (just heels) one standing, one Pole and one TB clip. RFN (wearing nothing) one Standing, one Pole and two TB clips.

Kay J looks soft and friendly; she is very girlish. The outfit was great: beautiful lingerie combined with platform heels.

In the Standing clips Kay has much improved since her first card (e1129). She walks sexy across the whole stage in a way she reminds me of Mila Azul.

In the Pole clips Kay moves with a certain swiftness around the Pole, has fun, laughs a lot, tried a turning and kept my attention.

The Behind TB clips were good as always and in the On TB clips eye contact with viewer, caressing of body.

The rating: Standing 4,5 (uses whole stage), Pole 4,5 (swift moving, fun), Taskbar 4,5 (comfort with body),

Beauty 5 (sweet) and Outfit 5 (fashionable lingerie). Total 23,5/5 = 4,7---> 4,5 stars. Very good show!!!
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2月 15
Gosh, there was so much potential for Kay J in this set of lingerie, yet she constantly chooses to strip the top off first, every time - no variety in the way she stripteases. To all the pantyless lovers out there, this ain't your card to get. She performed below my expectations in this card, no puns intended. I wished that she had been a little more sultry and be less smiley in her scenes. She can easily get 5 stars when she does it right, sadly, I can only give her 3.5 stars. I am starting to feel a little worried about how her cosplay card would turn out, which was yet to be released at the time of this comment.
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2月 17
when oh when are we getting a school girl from her. She's just adorable.
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