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1月 29
Best comment - Avery by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

A simple black dress is enough to make Avery be the chic dreamgirl you were waited for since always.
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1月 29
Very attractive beauty queen! ( and Fire Hot ! )
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1月 29
This show counts 21 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 7, Behind TB 2 and On TB 6. No touching/rubbing. Bare feet in TB and several Pole clips,

but not in Standing clips. Starting Nude (at least no panties) three Standing and three Pole clips. RFN one Pole, one Behind TB and one On TB clip.

Avery is very beautiful with a perfect face and body. Special attention is drawn by her sweet, soft butt.

Her outfit was perfect with this fashionable party/cocktaildress, trendy high heels and normal, elegant panties.

In the Standing easy on the heels, use of the whole stage, sexy walking in enough tempo, some original steps (!) like her “dragging” steps #19 and upskirts.

The Pole clips were also great: Avery has some very interesting steps around the pole, does turnings and there were many upskirts with and without panties.

The behind TB clips were good as always. In the On TB clips Avery unfastens the straps of her high heels.

Since I saw Eva S. in “Spoil Me” struggling with them, I watched very carefully how Avery did this. It tells something about how

tense/relaxed a model is. By moving their body left/right the building up of tension is avoided.

The rating: Standing 4,9 (nearly topdancer), Pole 5 (wellpaced, upskirts, turnings), Taskbar 4,75

(more facial expressions and postures), Beauty 5 and Outfit 5 (dress). Total 24,65/5 = 4,93--> 5 stars. Top show!!!
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