Santa's Lil Secret フィーチャー


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12月 26, 2018
Best comment - Avery by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

BEST CHRISTMAS GIRL EVER Let’s face it : Avery is one of the most beautiful girl I ever work with. Her smile is brighter than ever with this red lipstick, and she will offer you gifts you deserve for Christmas with few suggestive licking candy moves.
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12月 23, 2018
I absolutely love this girl. Her sexy body is sooo perfect. She has such a sexy ass and I love her sweet pussy. What a GIRL!!
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12月 30, 2018
This show counts 20 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 6, Behind TB 1 and On TB 7. No touching/rubbing. Bare feet in TB clips,

not in Standing and Pole clips. Starting Nude (at least no panties) two Standing and two Pole clips. RFN one Behind TB and two On TB clips.

With Avery Totem contracted a trophy girl: she is now (29/12/2018) number 2 at the ranking list of MA-models.

Avery is very beautiful with a perfect face and body. I liked the very red sticked lips in the make-up. Great playing with the candystick!

The outfit was the one of Santa Claus little helper. I liked the cap the most; it made her look so sweet.

In the Standing clips Avery walks sexy across the whole stage with very good views of her lovely butt, now and then shaking her hips.

In the Pole clips she surprised me with several turnings (#10, #13,#17) and sexy steps around the pole.

In both Standing and Pole clips there is enough tempo. In the Taskbar clips nice removal of stockings. Great role playing when she loses the candy stick in #6.

The rating: Standing 4,75 (sexy, not yet topdancer), Pole 4,75 (good basic steps + turnings), Taskbar 5, Beauty 5 and Outfit 5. Total 24,5/5 = 4,9--> 5 stars.

As Song of the Show Chuck Berry with “Merry Christmas Baby”, it has a blues melody:

”Merry Christmas Baby - You really did treat me nice - You bought me a hifi for Christmas - Now I’m living in paradise -

Well I’m feeling mighty fine with good music on my radio - I’m wonna hug and kiss you baby”
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