Shape Shifter フィーチャー


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11月 1, 2018
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10月 30, 2018
This show counts 17 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 5 and On TB 6. Some accidental touching. Bare feet in several TB and Standing clips.

Starting Nude (no panties) one Standing, one Pole and one TB clip. Real Ful Nude in one Standing and one Table clip.

We don’t see Paulina’s whole face in this show: it stays behind the mask. That mask I liked most of her outfit just as the (cat)collar and bracelets.

Paulina could as Catwoman have figured in the musical “Cats”. She has much pleasure in playing her role. She laughs behind the mask.

Like a cat after awaking slowly stretches it’s legs, so Paulina stretches her arms and legs performing in the Standing and Pole clips.

Her performance is slow with sudden accelerations. In #16 Standing a total striptease from clothed to full nude.

The same in #17 Table. In that clip there is after the stripping of the heels a sudden jump, which I liked very much!

In the Table clips Paulina is quite some time in the doggy position or would I have to say cat position?

As Song of the Show Ted Nugent with “Cat Scratch Fever”:

”Well I don't know where they come from.....They give me cat scratch fever...

I make the pussy purr with the stroke of my hand.....I give 'em cat scratch fever”
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11月 9, 2018
And we have a winner
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