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Sofie Lilith

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Joined in 9月 2012

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11月 26, 2018
Best comment - Sofie Lilith by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Outstanding sexy lingerie. Lots of nylon fetish and naked feet.
Joined in 11月 2012

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11月 26, 2018
SofieLilith is always looking good and is a pleasure to watch ! You go Sofie and keep coming back for many more Please . . .
Joined in 2月 2009

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11月 27, 2018
Exquisitely beautiful girl who selects great outfits and moves very sensually and enticingly. I'd love to see her in a few cards dressed in a sexy evening gowns. Obviously I'd also love to see more explicit content, but I'm not going to deduct stars from what she does do because of what she chooses not to do.
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