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9月 21, 2018
Best comment Yelena - by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Some nice upskirts and boobies out with this sexy dress ! She takes her shoes off for half the show.
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9月 23, 2018
Yelena's debut features a slow graceful disrobe.

Her mouth makes her face very sensual with a sexy smile.

The tats may take some getting used to, but once thats

done she Yelena just gets lovelier & cuter by the minute.

RFN & leg-lovers card. 5+^30
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9月 21, 2018
She's beautiful and really looks hot in that dress but very disappointed by the bare feet on pole clips. Seems like Totem doesn't intend this product to be for high heels lovers anymore...Too many barefoot shows lately that it's been so long since i've been able to fully enjoy a show where the model keeps their heels on. Out of 17 clips I only enjoyed 6...very disappointed.
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