Call Me フィーチャー

Margo Dumas

 3.58 (151 votes)

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8月 3, 2018
Best comment - Margo Dumas by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

Good energy and a lot of fun ! She loved this outfit, you should love it too…
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8月 6, 2018
Sure seems funny, but rating a godess so lowly, when supposedly she was highly requested seems odd.

I think she is awesome, and am going to buy all of her cards, as well as rating them highly.

Used to be, this form of entertainment was called strip-TEASE. I think she epitomizes this interpretation very nicely.
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8月 3, 2018
Totally agree with otehr comments here. This lady is a real find. Confident with her body, as you would expect from a nude model, and although I appreciate a girl who does show all her intimate charms it isn't necessary for me to appreciate one who knows how to move, strip and tease - it is after all the main reason I have the program and buy cards.

Margo has a very winning smile, great eye contact and a sense of fun that runs through her performance. She disrobes with confidence and a fluidity that some other models struggle with, undoing clasps and removing shoes with ease. Only the basic use of the pole reduces the appeal of teh card but in time she may venture to use it more.

I very much look forward to more cards from this model.
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