Me And My Girls フィーチャー

Stella Jones

 4.02 (180 votes)

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8月 24, 2018
Best comment - Stella Jones by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

This dress is amazing for deep cleavage lovers
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Pantyless upskirts, although rare.

You know that pretty secretary you see on the coffee shop with big tits? She looks absolutely like a stunning pornstar in your mind with her well tailored dress and careful makeup?

Well, in reality she will look like this when stripping. A bit soft here and there, with some extra in the middle, and completely untrained in dancing.

Basically, what I am saying that Stella looks like a real woman. My only complaint of her looks is the lack of pubic hair, if for no other reason than it would fit the character.

She doesn't move that well, and she looks for guidance a lot. But it's hard to beat this for authencity. Basically if you had a hot wife, this would be her striptease for you.
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8月 25, 2018
I like the dress n you Stella. A very nice body, I also like your smile in your show. Over all I rate this card at 4.9 Stars. I would like to see more of you Stella Jones.
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