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Rita Y

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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Rita Y directly on your taskbar. It lasts 42 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.


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7月 30, 2018
This show counts 18 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 6 and On TB 6. No bare feet.

Starting Nude three clips: one standing , one pole and one taskbar clip. No rubbing or touching.

I was glad to see a normal figured model between the heavy breasted lady’s of the last months.

Rita Y looks good and has a great butt. I liked this outfit with the glinstering bra/top, the shorts and the panties.

Shorts and panties accentuated her butt. Indeed “a killing ass shaped outfit”.

Rita dances well in a flowing style. The pole is used for a hold and as virtual dancepartner.

Only one moment she loses balance as a result of the high heels, but she recovers immediatly.
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7月 31, 2018
Very pleasing package - breathtaking, fit, and dances with more enthusiasm than many of the other girls... she actually looks like she's dancing/gyrating to music.
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8月 8, 2018
Agreed, it's a must have. Rita isn't 18 and that's wonderful. Also she's not overly pro. Got some honest horny going.
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