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Ariel A

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5月 28, 2018
Best comment - ARIEL A by ETHAN ANGUS -

Bare feet all long for the shows. This tiny bikini features a very nice cameltoe...

She has plenty of positive energy while dancing !

This card is a Must Have, she plays with oil on the table shows, and use loads of soap during the 3 glass’ clips.
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1月 2
I've had an account since the early days of VGHD, and this girl has moved straight into my top ten ever. And the glass... Holy hell!
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9月 13, 2018
Ariel A is not my usual type - small boobs and shaven, that's two strikes. :o)

But I was trawling through the Glass category and downloaded the preview, with not a lot of expectation.

After about 30 seconds watching, it was a no-brainer purchase.

Ariel A is... utterly gorgeous, elven, lithe, sensuous, mesmerising, and I fully expect to end up getting all her cards.

I'm a simple man, with simple needs.

And I have a simple rule for my time here:

1) If a preview gives me a raging horn, I'll buy.

2) If a model keeps my attention riveted to her in fullscreen multi-shows from the moment she appears, I'll probably buy most of her shows.

Told ya - simple man, simple needs. :o)
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