Love Poison フィーチャー

Gisha Forza

 4.04 (219 votes)

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Joined in 8月 2014

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4月 19, 2018
Gisha is super. Even if Gisha underwent cosmetic surgery, she is so erotic and never fails to amuse me.
Joined in 1月 2008

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4月 8, 2018
Perhaps not the most polished performance but she has a gentle innocence and natural beauty that is beautiful. Lovely body and face. Hope to see more of her here!
Joined in 11月 2010

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4月 11, 2018
For those who care

Breast Augments

Butt Augments

Scars show under breast

Body looks unnatural

Going to have to delete these clips which is a real shame because she is attractive and any girl willing to go nude in front of a camera is a winner in my book.

People who give 5 stars simply because woman is naked should leave. Your not helping.
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