Light My Fire フィーチャー


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Joined in 9月 2017

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3月 29, 2018
Ulysse is really cute. I mean, there's no doubt that she's totally hot and sexy but I find her to be extremely cute.

Watching her performance is fun. Her personality is adorable and endearing. She makes you relax and forget about the randomness you dealt with during the day. I think it's because her dancing isn't perfect. It humanizes her and makes her that much more adorable. That's why I gave her five stars despite the technical flaws in dancing.

Ulysse is perfect. To have her correct all of those dance moves might make her less genuine and take away from her sweet appeal. Having a few slow songs in her card collection might give us an awesome contrast, though. But she'd be cute doing anything. Ulysse is a real sweetheart.
Joined in 6月 2012

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2月 16, 2018
so hot <3 i'm from belgium myself , come over here please =)
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5月 20, 2018
Ulysse is another woment that is of my dreams and the type that I absolutely desire. She is just perfect in every way, shape, and form. So sexy and beuatiful to the finest details. Truly blessed by the Goddesses themselves. <3
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