Fox Hunt フィーチャー

Chrissy Fox

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1月 9, 2018
Nowadays the fox hunt is forbidden. When allowed I would for sure have hunted on the fox called Chrissy.

Since this fox has got some more weight (compared to the casting pictures), it was an easy hunt.

Chrissy has a lovely face. Some more hunting games would have improved her figure.

She totally surprised me with her show and I hadn’t expect that she was so good and

enthousiastic dancer with good acting in her facial expressions.

On the pole original and refreshing, much better and discovering than seen recently.

Her tattoo is interesting. Being a fan of wildlife I like it. So there are two shows:

one of Christy and one of the fox on her belly.

The fox has an easy life just following with Christy’s movements.

For Chrissy’s face and show 5 stars, for her figure 4. Altogether 4,75 = 5 stars.

This show of 18 clips is divided in: Standing 6, Pole 5, Behind TB 1 and On TB 6.

Starting Nude: clip 11, 12 (RFN), 13 (RFN) and 16. RFN = real full nude: like Eva without the fig leaf.
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1月 9, 2018
She's so sexy <3. Hopefully we get a lot more cards from her !
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1月 9, 2018
Chrissy Deserves every star! She moves around alot on screen, flashes that beautiful smile at every turn, and just gives off alot of energy in everything that she does.

Chrissy has an amazing body that she knows how to move! Her smile and energy really take this show to the next level.

If tattoos are not a hard turn off, I would DEFINATELY reccommend that you check out her show, she will not dissappoint!
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