Boudoir フィーチャー

Emylia Argan

 4.45 (207 votes)

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Joined in 3月 2011

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12月 11, 2017
Emylia looks well and moves easy. I like her laugh.

At her best she is as she dances naked tip toe.

No pole clips. In clip 13 some touching and playing.

Total 18 clips: standing 9, swing 3, on TB 6.

Starting nude: 8, 12, 13, 14, 18.

One standing clip: 6:45. Too long for me.

With other outfit and poleclips included 5*.
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12月 10, 2017
Each point of the star is a star which makes 5 stars...but Emylia Argan is beyond 5 stars...Emylia Argan is "THE SIXTH STAR"!!!!!!

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2月 20, 2018
At first I thought that this was going to a good but rather ordinary card, but the longer I watched it the more I liked it. Emylia is very cute and performs well both in the "tease" and in the "sleaze" parts of the performance. The lack of any XXX level clips may disappoint some, but I was more than happy with the short close approaches to XXX that we have in two or three of this card's clips.

I liked the corset and the slow way in which she unfastened and removed it and the equal unrushed approach to removing her stockings. However, I do think that except for a couple of clips the corset was discarded to quickly after being unfastened rather than taking the opportunity to use it as a "modesty sheild" to prolong the teasing.
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