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Nika N

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2月 22, 2018
From the still image I thought that the very skimpy top would offer little opportunity for much teasing. I was delighted to find that I was wrong. Not only is it teasing just by being worn Nika makes excellent use of what it does offer to increase the ease factor even more. In particular allowing it to rise up until it almost reveals her nipples and pulling it back dwon again at the last second and later by pulling it down to reveal, and support, her breasts. Wonderful stuff. However, once it has been removed the rest of the clips, though indiviually very good, lack variety.

This card, I feel, could have been improved by the addition of either a denim jacket matching the shorts or by a lacy jacket or wrap matching the top being worn here. Either would have allowed for more teasing. not quite a 5 star card, but very nearly so.
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6月 17, 2018
Nice, but just missing something 41/2
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12月 26, 2017
Nika is soooo lovely ... she really knows how to move her body to drive men wild. And she's wearing the most exquisite panties that accentuate her delicous derriere.
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