Final Fling フィーチャー


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3月 17, 2018
Oh my! I wouldn't have thought, really didn't suspect, just never would have guessed, surely couldn't have known, certainly couldn't have imagined, and just... can't... believe... this perfect... stunning... babe, would so quickly... easily... securely... permanently... and SO... completely... turm me into her helpless... hopeless...squirming... masterbation machine -- but Seene, you sure have, gorgeous -- you...sure ... have...
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2月 22, 2018
Not quite as good a card as Selene's best, but that is entirely due to the clothing which offers limited possibilities for teasing. However, Selene makes excellent use of those limited possibilities to produce some very teasing moments, though I would have liked more. The rest of the card is also excellent.
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5月 31, 2018
No not final...please come back for more.Thanks & God be Praised!(I'll keep her close in Love & Prayer always).
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