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Kate Shoo

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10月 19, 2017
A well chosen outfit for Kate Shoo: the top (also worn by Tracy Smile and Malena Fendi - not the least of the models),

the shorts, the normal, but fashionable panties and the killer stiletto’s. Color of the panties matching with the top!

What I like especially about Kate is her very long black hair, which gives her show extra flair.

Kate moves well without any special dance steps or pole exercises. She has enough tempo, no slowness resulting of lack of skills.

This show has got: Standing 7 clips, Glass 3 (7 minutes - without the stiletto’s), Pole 4, Swing 3. No TB. Total 17.

Starting nude: 9, 11 and 14. “Give me your money” I just did! No regrets.
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2月 11, 2018
Kate has a 5 star body, moves well enough and the performance is a good one, especialy the glass clips, but somehow I was never quite as engaged by this card as i am with many oher cards. I think that Kate could in future produce some outstanding cards, but for me she is not quite there yet.
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10月 19, 2017
With the carousel suggesting a different card today, I was about to not buy my first new show this month - BUT when the card arrived, the last thing I was going to do is what her last name suggested - KATE SHOO - You Beauty!!! Pre-appearance of this model on the carousel, I was not too sure. Now with two cards, this is a sure-fire acquisition. Sexy, confident - gorgeous! And now (the card) - Mine! Mine! Mine!
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