Cherry Bomb フィーチャー


 4.6 (229 votes)

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12月 27, 2017

'nuff sed
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2月 11, 2018
Izabella is stunningly beautiful busty model. Although her performance is somewhat diffident and lacks energy it is still a very enjoyable one, which for me was certainly better than her previous card. Perhaps she is is still stlightly uncertain about her abilities or is thinking about her performance too much rather than just doing it. A little more experience and I think Izabella will be producing some wonderful work - I hope by the end of this current set of cards.
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2月 5, 2018
Very cute girl with subtle but sexy tan lines.

Great tits and perfect little coinslot pussy.

She is delicious! Also great outfit compliments her figure. Really really good!

Only 4 star rating due to clip being in slow mo.

Please fix for a perfect 5
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