Flamingo Land フィーチャー


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9月 29, 2017
The flamingo is a dance of high intensity and complexity, and a strong interaction with the public.

To choose the title with Flamingo in it raises high expectations not easy to fulfil.

So how about dear Marilyn in Flamingo Land?

The flamingo is also a bird. With her slim figure and her dance Marilyn is just like this graceful bird.

I like her outfit and specially the red dress.

Marilyn is a great dancer and at her best in the standing and poleclips.

Is she doing like the birds a mating dance? I hope Marilyn doesn’t fly away too soon.
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3月 21, 2018
Sexy in That Dress
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2月 5, 2018
A very good card from Marilyn whose dance training shows especially in her footwork. I like the dress as a dress but lacking any buttons, zips or other fastenings it severly limits the teasing parts of the performance even though Marilyn does them well but there is no opportunity for a "slow reveal".

For me the only fault, which can at least be partly blamed on the limitations imposed by the dress, is that there are too many clips where she starts naked and which therefore feature no stripping at all.
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